About Charlotte Marriages

Charlotte Marriages is a team of open-minded wedding officiants who take great pride and pleasure in creating an experience that is unexpectedly joyful, uplifting, and memorable. Specializing in secular and interfaith ceremonies, they offer a high-quality, highly personalized, professional service for couples who expect only the best on their wedding day.

Philip Lingle is the founder of Charlotte Marriages. He started Asheville Marriages in 2012 and has helped over 800 couples surpass their expectations of their wedding day! Although not religiously affiliated, Philip is a Humanist Celebrant who respects the truth and wisdom within every religion. As a student and teacher of Philosophy, he believes that a fulfilling spiritual life is achieved through many different paths, and that true happiness comes from self-realization and authenticity.

The highly qualified Officiants of Charlotte Marriages have been carefully chosen based on their experience, background, and positive energy. They each have their own unique gifts to offer, and they all share the same vision and the same high standards. Drawing from decades of experience, their mission is to put heart and soul into every ceremony and give you the special day that you deserve!

What makes Charlotte Marriages unique is their Marriage Enrichment Program, a series of simple steps designed to get your marriage off to its very best start and reach its highest potential. Philip created this program because he strongly believes that helping foster a lasting and happy marriage is just as important as crafting a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony.